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Brittany D. Bryant

As a Philadelphia native it brings me great pleasure to bring health and wellness to our communities. God created me to be a healer; at a young age my father was the first to put my massage skills to the test and the rest is history. I began my massage career professionally in 2013. Over the years I have studied and practiced perfected my craft while still constantly evloving. I wear many diffent hats for many reasons and that is why I believe I am here to encourage Universal Restoration.

What is Universal Restoration? Universal Restoration is just that! It is healing yourself on a mental, physical, and spiritual level. Universal Restoration Wellness is a wellness company that provides many different services which cater to universal healing.

If you're looking to escape to peace, relax, manage pain, or heal and restore your body from the stresses and traps of living life in Philadelphia, then look no further, Universal Restoration Wellness, welcomes you with open arms. We bring health, wellness, and quality spa services to you! Our number one priority is making you feel safe and at ease, while relaxing your mind, body, and spirit into perfect harmony. U R Wellness call us today +12677265626.

Quality, Professional, Spa Services Brought to you!

What does Quality mean to us? Simple! It means to measure up with the best of the best!

What does Professional mean to us? Clean Apperance, Respectful and positive attitude. As well as trained and educated on how to provide each service.

Spa Services? Our professional massage, nails, and facial services are no different then a service you might recieve from a "Hand and Stone Company", "Massage Envy" or and other local spa. Which means you can rest assured we are highly trained and a specialist in the fields of the services provided. It’s important to us to get the right treatment for you, so if you’re not sure what you need, we can provide an individual consultation. No matter the treatment, our services will always offer a slice of calm to contrast with your busy daily life.

Where to Find Us

Our well-placed salon in the heart of Philadelphia is the perfect little hideaway from the trials and tribulations of modern life. There’s convenient transport links and parking, so whether you’re a local or coming from further afield, we’re well-located to welcome you. Get in touch today to book your treatment and find out more about all the varied services we have to offer.


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